White water rafting

I haven't been sleeping very well lately. I have been having lots of dreams - the kind that you remember in the morning. The kind that make you realize you are not getting to the point of sleep where you are truly relaxed.

Last night I had a dream about whitewater rafting. I've never in my life had a dream about whitewater rafting - that I can remember anyway.

I awoke around 4:30 am with the vivid images still fresh on my mind.

I've always been one to look for meaning in ordinary everyday things. Things like Ethan throwing a 5 minute fit in the car before leaving NKY a few weeks ago, then pulling up to a serious accident on I-71 that looked as if we had just missed it by 5 minutes. Or even something more simple like seeing a shooting star in the night sky.

So with this unusal dream keeping me awake, I had to wonder if it meant something. I grabbed my iPhone from my nightstand and typed into my google browser: dream about white water rafting.

The first link I clicked said..."To dream about white water rafting signifies that after going through some turbulent times, your sadness and pain will slowly disappear."

Coincidence? Or is my mind trying to tell me that I'm approaching The Upward Turn.

Either way, upon reading that I got little goosebumps up my arms. And then I fell fast asleep.


  1. Here's hoping we both sleep well tonight!

  2. Hi my name is Lauren Skees, and here I was searching myself to see what all comes up online, and your website came up! Here I thought I had the only Skees family! I'm wondering if we're related somehow? I wasn't sure how to send you a message which is why I commented on yout latest post. I live in Sacramento, CA, but most of my family lives in VA, and FL. Just thought I would check!