On becoming "that family"

After Aiden was born, one of the things that weighed heavily on my mind was the heartbreaking thought of becoming "that family".

You know,
"That family that has the child with a syndrome."
"That family that must be so stressed and worried and down all the time."
"That family others feel sorry for."

I cried about a lot during the first several months of Aiden's life. But I couldn't shake this. It hurt me to my core. I never for a second thought about giving Aiden up - but in those first few months adjusting to our new life, my mind couldn't stop wishing things were different. I didn't want to be "that family". It just wasn't fair.

Now, almost 21 months later, although I still cry from time to time, and still grieve the life that I had imagined in my head, I have also embraced the idea of being "that family".

You know,
"That family that loves each other so much, they can get through anything."
"That family that has two beautiful children - both with very different and very special abilities."
"That family that people are inspired by."


  1. You nailed this one Taryn :) You are definitely "that family" and we are so honored to call you our friends :)

  2. Ditto!! You put it to well Taryn
    From on of "Those families"
    We are proud to be one of "those families" that do not take everyday little things for granted. Having josie has opened our eyes and make us appreciate each other even more!!

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