Our next trip to Dallas

Aiden and I will be heading back to Dallas January 4th for his 1st annual MRI, sleep study and check-up appointments with the various doctors on the team at Medical City.

We're hopeful that all tests will prove normal, as we haven't had any major issues or concerns since his last surgery in May.

The MRI will check for the presence of any pressure or swelling in the brain. The sleep study evaluates his breathing (oxygenation, apnea episodes) and general sleep quality. The other appointments will follow the growth of his head, his developmental progress and the healing process from his previous surgeries on his hands, feet and head.

I'm making the trip alone this time, but I will have my "family away from home", the Gorman's, to spend time with. I will stay the first night at the hospital with Aiden for the sleep study, then we will both be spending the second night with April, Tate and their kids John and Rory Cate. Now that Aiden is walking, it should be fun to see the kids play together!

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