It's official - we really ARE great parents!

The other day Ricky told Ethan that he would get two special prizes if he started going (pardon my mommy talk) "pee pee and poo poo" on the potty. (Come on, don't tell me you haven't resorted to bribery during the potty-training process).

Then, out of nowhere, Ethan went up to Ricky, stroked his cheek and said "Stank you! You are a good daddy!" (if you couldn't figure it out, "stank you" is Ethan speak for "thank you").

And today, I don't even recall what I did to deserve it, but we were in the kitchen and I did something that must have been pretty cool and Ethan wrapped his arms around my legs and said "You are GREAT"!

There are many moments in this parenting journey that I want to pull my hair out, mix a drink before 5pm or both, but then there are the moments that make your heart smile so big. All of the doubting I do on a daily basis (you know, "am I really cut out for this?" "are my kids going to be normal?", etc. etc.) are wiped away in that single moment.

In what other position do you consider the praise from a 2 year old to be exactly the reassurance that you need to know you are doing a good job? I love it.

And I will remind him of these very occasions when he's a bratty teenager saying he hates us. :)

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  1. So sweet! We also get a huge kick out of Edie 3 telling us we're ok! It was also nice to read your comment about mixing a drink before 5! It's not just me some days! Maria x (Ira's mum)