Preschool: Day 3

I learned a very important lesson today with regards to taking Ethan to preschool.

Don't go in the front door and pass by the "Kid Watch" room that has a slide in it. Choose the side door instead.

Ethan insisted on going down the slide before he would even entertain the idea of heading to the preschool room. After all reasoning failed, I ended up talking the Kid Watch employees into letting him just run in to go down the slide one time - with the agreement that he would then go to Preschool.

Yeah, that didn't work out too well.

We made it back to Preschool, but I then battled with my very reluctant and usually not shy two year old during circle time and learning about the letter "B". All of this while also keeping tabs on Aiden. I would get Ethan settled on his spot on the rug and try to tip-toe out of the room, but not two seconds later Ethan woud come running out sobbing.

I'm second guessing this whole Preschool thing. Both Ethan's readiness and also choosing the YMCA for this adventure. I really do think Ethan may have been just having one of those days. Maybe something scared him about returning to Preschool (um, I don't know, maybe the fact that he got in trouble on the 2nd day of class).

I'm planning on trying it again on Thursday. But I will also be getting there first thing to discuss some of my concerns with Ms. Kathleen. First of all - the Preschool room is near the back of the building. If you enter from the front, you pass the front desk and go down a long hallway. You then go through 2 double doors into the classroom. Doors that my 2 year old can open on his own. I know locking them might be a fire hazard, but shouldn't there be something keeping the kids from getting out of the room? Not to mention that there is an exit to the parking lot just outside the Preschool classroom. Each time I tried to sneak out of there this morning, Ethan would always come busting out the doors to run and find me.

Which brings me to my next concern. Not one time did a teacher follow him. I would meet him halfway, fully expecting Ms. Kathleen to come out and make sure he didn't run out into the parking lot or atleast to see if I were even still there. But I'd return him to the room where Ms. Kathleen and her assistant (who wasn't there on the first day) were sitting in circle time with all the other kids. I know you can't leave a classroom of 2 and 3 year olds unattended to chase after another one, but come on, if I'm going to leave my child in your care, I need to feel that they are safe.

And call me crazy, but you can't tell me that my kid is the only 2 year old that ever cries and tries to run after their mom or dad. It would've helped out A LOT if the teacher had intervened and given Ethan a little "pep-talk" about all of the fun things they were going to do today. Instead, I felt like I was fighting the battle on my own. I left pretty much feeling like they could care less if Ethan stayed or not. It's the first time he's really gone into a setting like this. Would it be too much to ask for the teacher to try and make him feel welcome there?

Ugh. I'm hoping that I can discuss my concerns with Ms. Kathleen on Thursday and that Ethan will cooperate. I really think he will thrive in a school setting once he feels comfortable there. But I also think a lot of that depends upon the teacher who takes on the task. I hope it all works out!


  1. Wow Taryn I can't believe what you've described, really unsupportive this teacher and the set up, to my mind anyway.

    We have an orientation period over here where your child is assigned to one teacher who works closely with you and your child for the first few weeks.

    Thinking of you guys
    Maria (Ira's mum)

  2. T...Mommy knows best. Good luck and let me know how it goes. I'm so lucky to learn from your experiences for the not too far off future! Love you and your boys!

  3. Taryn, I say go with your gut. Children really learn a lot from being at home. Ethan will get plenty of "school" later on. He's a smart little boy. He may need time. It's a blessing that you have the choice.

  4. Geez Louise. This sounds so stressful. First of all, your kid is not "the bad kid" and you are an absolutely fabulous mother. I am certain you told them this is Ethan's first 'school' setting and they should take that into account...I hate that they used the naughty mat on the 2nd day. It would have been more effective to call you and asked you to pick him up instead of making him feel so bad on his 2nd day of school. It is a process to get these little people to follow rules, hello, our timeout spot is wore do they expect this bundle of energy to get it in one day!?! And they can have no acceptable excuse for not securing the room or at least running after him when he left to find you. They had no idea that you were waiting out there and that is scary. I would take that one up with the Y on all levels. Hang in there and trust yourself.