1st Day of Preschool!

I am happy to report that Ethan did great on his first day of preschool! He has been so excited about it for the last few months - we've been talking about it, reading books about going to school and telling him stories about what happens at preschool.

But you know how that goes, some kids get really excited and you think they'll do great, but when the day actually comes they get super shy and want nothing to do with it. Not Ethan!

He is normally not a morning person. This morning was an exception. He woke up in a great mood and wanted to hurry up and get ready for school.

We picked out his clothes, packed up his backpack (he brought along two special friends in case he got scared) and ate some breakfast while I did my motherly duty of marking "Skees" on all of his belongings using a Sharpie. And out the door we went.

Ricky got to come along with us to drop him off at the YMCA. He couldn't wait to get there and once we did, he started chanting "Preschool, Preschool, Preschool"!

Because we were out of town at the end of last week through the weekend for Angie's wedding (more on that later), we missed the "Come meet your teacher and see your classroom" day on Friday. So we got there a little early for introductions and to check things out.

We met Ms. Kathleen. We found his name tag and his little hook for his backpack. Then Ethan took off into the room to see all of the cool things he was going to get to play with. And with that, he pretty much could have cared less if we left, so we did.

Aiden and I had breakfast at Chik-fil-a (mmmm...chik'n minis!) and killed some time in the play area. Then we drove to the other YMCA in Floyd Co. so I could try to get a workout in since the one where Ethan's class was being held was closed for cleaning. However all of this fell smack dab in the middle of Aiden's nap time so they came to get me because he was crying. Then we just drove around for a bit and I let him sleep in the car until it was time to pick up Ethan.

When I went in to get him after the 3 hours were over, Ethan ran right past me to his basket where they keep the things that they made throughout the day.

He proudly presented me with what were clearly masterpieces - the cutest little fish bowl craft and a paper with the letter "A" scribbled in with blue crayon. Something tells me he could be the next Picasso...

So - the day was a success. After a quick lunch and an episode of Imagination Movers, both boys are now napping peacefully. I think I'm going to like this preschool thing ;) More pics here.

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