Crazy weekend

Last week Ricky and I were trying desperately keep our house clean for a showing we had during the week, and then for the Open House that was scheduled for Sunday. This is no easy feat with two active little boys under three!

My mom offered to meet halfway [between her house in NKY and my house in S. Indiana] on Wednesday afternoon to get us out of the house during the showing, and also to take Ethan back to her house. I was planning on going up there that Friday anyway as I was babysitting my sister's girls on Saturday night while they attended a wedding. Having Ethan stay with his Nana meant I could manage getting (and keeping) the house clean prior to the Open House.

With Ethan gone, boy oh boy did it remind me how much easier it was with just one kid at home! I sure did miss his kisses, reading him bedtime stories and tucking him in...but I didn't miss his mess! You see, I'd also forgotten what it was like to live in a CLEAN house day in and day out - something that is nearly impossible with Ethan here.

Anyway, I drove up on Friday, leaving Aiden at home with his daddy for the weekend. Saturday was spent at King's Island with my sister's girls, Lilly and Avery, my mom, my brother Jeff and his two boys Andy and Ben. We had such a blast. This year Ethan is (barely) tall enough to ride some of the smaller rides in Kiddie Land. Last year he could only ride maybe three, and he wasn't crazy about any of them. But this time he LOVED everything and wanted to do some of the bigger ones too!

Sunday, I packed up the car to head back home - but since we were having the Open House from 2-4, Ricky and I planned to meet at the Louisville Zoo with the kids for a little family outing. Ethan conked out the entire drive and just as I was approaching the Zoo exit in Louisville, he woke up. He rubbed his eyes, mumbled something under his breath and then began vomiting all over himself in his car seat. I was sitting in the left hand lane of a LONG two-lane line of cars waiting to get off of the expressway (didn't know until later that it was $1 Zoo day...) and didn't really have an "out" to pull over anywhere and comfort my poor boy. Not able to get across the lane into the exit ramp shoulder, the only choice I had was to merge back onto the highway and get off at the next exit. I jumped out of the car and got Ethan out of his puke-filled carseat. He was crying and burning up. After calling Ricky to tell him the zoo was a no-go, I called my mom in a panic and asked her what I should do.

Knowing that we couldn't have the boys around eachother as we are preparing to leave for Aiden's next surgery in Dallas next week and can't risk getting him exposed to something that would postpone his surgery, my mom offered to drive down to meet me and bring Ethan back up to here house until he was in the clear.

I made a quick stop at Walgreen's to buy a thermometer, Motrin and Pedialyte before getting back on I-71 to meet my mom. Ethan had a 102 temp. I gave him the Motrin and put a little Pedialyte in his cup. We ended up meeting at a McDonald's in LaGrange, KY. I took Ethan inside to change his diaper when I felt something on my foot. He puked up the Pedialyte and then some. Ugh. He was miserable.

It was heartbreaking having to send my sick little guy back with my mom. All I wanted to do was hold him and make him feel better. But I knew that it was what we had to do in order to prevent Aiden from getting whatever bug he had. And I also knew he was in good hands. He sure does love his Nana!

Ethan is no longer running a fever as of this morning and is able to eat like normal and keep everything down. So I'm looking forward to his return tomorrow when my dad brings him back home. There goes my clean house though! I enjoyed it while it lasted ;)

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