Lions and tigers and bears...oh my!

It was a gorgeous day on Friday and so, feeling brave, I took the boys to the zoo. They were soooooo good and we had such a wonderful time. I definitely think we'll get our money's worth out of our zoo membership this year.

Ethan fell asleep before we even made it to see the elephants. Aiden put up a good fight, but he eventually lost that battle too on the way out to the car. I can't even remember the last time I was able to hear myself think (and listen to my music on the radio) for a full 30 minute drive! :)

Now that I know I can handle a four hour outing with the boys on my own, I plan on heading to the zoo many many times this spring and summer. Especially if Ethan continues to refuse to take naps at home like he's been doing all week. It seems a trip to the zoo is all it takes to pretty much guarantee a quiet ride home.

Click here for more pics from our zoo outing.


  1. oh fun! we love the zoo and need to go. my sis goes ALL THE TIME too so you all could meet up there. we're in June 10 and 11 (weekdays) and plan on doing some good field trips...zoo, the indoor gym, the pool. We have to get the boys together for that! Of course, other weekends are good too!

  2. Good for you Taryn, I do not think I have listened to my own music in 2 years, Grayson loves Hannah Montana right now so I am becoming a "secret" fan of her music.

    Also I have to tell you I was pumped that you have a monkey "backpack" for Ethan. I have the same for grayson and I get the most horrible looks for using it. I use it at the zoo and people think I am crazy. While most think it is some form of child abuse I think it shows how much we care about our babies and do not want to lose them in a crowd:)

    Hope all is well