Sledding with daddy

Okay, so now that the snow and ice are finally melting away, I'm starting to feel a little less claustrophobic inside the house. I did gear up in snow boots over the weekend, but only to step outside on the deck and take some pictures and video of Ethan and Ricky playing in the snow. I stayed in with Aiden. I wanted to have him experience his first time playing in the snow, but we're a little reluctant as we're trying to keep him healthy before his next surgery (just 2 weeks away).

Ethan, however, had a blast! Lord knows that with 2.5 acres, there was PLENTY of snow to be played in and he wanted to cover every inch. The best part for him was sledding down the hill in the backyard. They ended up in the trees every time - which had Ethan laughing like crazy (and me anticipating another trip to the ER...didn't happen thank goodness!)

When it was finally time to come in, he cried and cried. He's definitely an outdoor kid! I enticed him inside with some hot chocolate and all was good again.

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