A Day in the Life

We're finally able to do what we love to do - hang out as a family with both kids good and healthy, watching random stuff on tv while we laugh and act silly. It's been a long time coming with Aiden's surgeries but finally, we're back to "normal". Of course some people might question if dancing to the Wiggles and playing in a laundry basket or an empty box is "normal", but hey, that's a day in our life.

Here's some of the best moments captured in photos:

Ethan preparing to eat his favorite thing in one of Daddy's old t-shirts...BLUEBERRIES!

Yes, that is a drop of blood on his chin - he just busted his lip climbing in and out of the box. Like I said, just a day in our life!

Aiden enjoying his brand new hand! Check out that pinkie!!!

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