Aiden surgery update #1

I arrived at the hospital bright and early to meet Ricky and Aiden in the surgery department. Aiden was happy as can be. They asked if we wanted him to have any "goofy juice" which would help with any anxiety when they took him back for anesthesia. He was so content that we decided against it - one less med to have in his system. (I did ask, however, if they were able to give goofy juice to me as I would probably be the one with the separation anxiety. Unfortunately, they couldn't...)

We met the anesthesiologist and then Dr. Fearon arrived. They assured us he will be well taken care of - but it didn't make it any easier to hand him over and watch the nurse walk away with him into the OR. Of course, I cried. Luckily, Ricky was there with me to keep me strong and hold me tight. I feel very blessed to have such a strong relationship with my husband. I couldn't do this without him.

Now, we sit in the pediatric surgery waiting room and watch a large television screen for updates. It shows the names of each surgery patient (abbreviated for privacy) and details as to what part of surgery he is undergoing - holding, OR, recovery, etc. You can see from the below picture that when there is a scalpel next to the name, that is when surgery has begun. Aiden's as of 8:30am (9:30 EST), still doesn't show a scalpel. The nurse said that it will take about an hour and a half to prepare the room, make surgical markings on his hands and feet, etc. Then they will begin by taking skin grafts from his groin area to use between the incisions of his new fingers/toes. We are then able to call directly into the OR for updates as often as we want (they recommend every 30 minutes).

We're holding up well - just very anxious to make that first call. They have asked us to wait until the screen shows the scalpel. I can't remember ever wanting to see a scalpel in my life until today...

I'll keep everyone posted!

In the meantime, here are some photos from our trip so far:

The television update screen in the waiting room.

Last picture of Aiden's cute little feet before his toes!

In the pre-surgery area. Notice his shirt - it says "High Maintenance". I've always called him my high maintenance baby (well, he is!) so I just had to get it when I saw it at Children's Place.

All hooked up during the sleep study. I told you there were a ton of wires!

Just as happy as can be!

After a bath.

Daddy and Aiden

He's sure going to miss sucking on those feetsies. He won't be able to get to them until the casts come off. I wonder what he's going to think of his new toes!!!!


  1. Oh my Taryn, I can't even imagine how you must be feeling. My face is covered in tears just reading about it. I'm so glad you have this blog to be able to express what's going on and to keep us all up to date on what's going on there! Love to Aiden!


  2. You are unbelievable stronger- stonger than I bet you even think you are. Fingers are crossed and mass prayers are going up for Aiden. I just know that everything is going to go beautifully for him and your family. If there is anything you need or want (more cookies?) you just let me know. I will continue to watch for updates. (and by the way- you DESERVE all the cookies.) Take care!