Have YOU ever met someone with a craniofacial condition?

Maybe you know Aiden. Maybe you've seen someone on a Target run or at the local park and weren't quite sure what it was that made them "different". Perhaps you once encountered someone with a crooked smile or a misshapen face. Whatever the case may be, maybe I can help shed some light on it.

September is Craniofacial Acceptance Month and in an effort to raise awareness about the various craniofacial conditions, I put together a short video a few years ago.

Each of the kids featured in the video montage has a craniofacial condition. They have endured many surgeries. They get stared at sometimes for what they look like. They are amazing pillars of strength to all who know them - and I beg for you to take a few minutes to learn about them too.

Show the images to your children. Ask them to share their thoughts and encourage them to ask any questions they may have. Point out how the kids in the video are strong and courageous and how they are all very much like your kids in more ways than they are not.

Then take a moment to share this post so others can do the same. It'll only take a minute - but it could impact the lives of so many individuals affected by craniofacial differences for years to come.

Help me widen the circle of acceptance for kids like Aiden. I would be forever grateful.

Thanks so much!


  1. great video but I missed seeing Aiden hope Kindergaten is going well

  2. Was directed to you tonight on Twitter. By Kristen Two Canolli...
    So glad I came. ALso? I have a series that you may be interested in writing for: http://www.findingninee.com/the-our-land-series/