Nothing says "It's almost summer" like some baseball

While the predictably unpredictable weather here in Round Rock might not be the best indicator that summer is right around the corner (88 degrees one day and record lows the next!?!?), there is one thing that reminds us that it is indeed the time of year that parents are equally excited for (no more alarm clocks and hurried mornings) and terrified of (my kids home all day? yikes!)

T-ball is in full swing - the boys are on the same team this year...the Mudcats. And it is the first year they seem to equally enjoy it. They have managed to make it through several weeks of games without complaining about the early spring heat. And there is no talks of quitting (like Aiden did with indoor soccer this past winter). Success! And with every crack of the bat and sweat stained uniform, it becomes increasingly is almost summer :)

A few weeks ago our family was invited to spend the day at a Round Rock Express game. We were treated to the best party experience you can get at the Dell Diamond, enjoying food and beverages all while lounging around the private pool located on the upper deck. It was Hudson's first sports outing (besides the boys t-ball of course) and he was excitedly taking it all in. The big boys - Ethan and Aiden - were less interested in watching the game, and more interested in climbing on the massive play structure, scaling the rock wall and bouncing into the sky on the bungee trampolines. There is definitely something for everyone there!

We were able to pry them away from the play area to walk over to the grassy spot behind the outfield just above the bull pen so that we could watch the relief pitchers practicing. The boys got really close and the pitchers tossed them a few packs of sunflower seeds and some Double Bubble bubble gum, which they thought was pretty much the coolest thing ever. "Real seeds like real baseball players daddy!" :)

Although it was supposed to be cloudy and cool that afternoon, the clouds parted and it warmed up quite nicely. This was both good and bad. Good, obviously, because we were able to soak up the sun and not freeze our tushies off. Bad, because I decided last minute that it would not be a good idea to bring our swimsuits...and when the boys saw other families getting in the pool and hot tub, let's just say it took all the restraint they had not to jump in with their clothes on.

Aside from a few uncalled for remarks from some insensitive kiddos (something we deal with pretty often, unfortunately), the outing was an extremely enjoyable one for our family. If I could afford to host my own party in the pool area, I'd definitely consider it. Lucky for me they do have some very reasonable Birthday Bash packages outside the pool area that incorporate some awesome things for kiddos. Click here to learn more about how you can host a party at the Round Rock Express games!

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