Life Lately

I realize that a lot of my recent posts have been about sponsors and/or advertisers. This is wonderful -- I am loving the opportunities to share about some awesome businesses or help entrepreneur's get the word out about their product(s). While I want More Skees Please to be a place where I primarily write about our family, vent my parenting frustrations and share every day ordinary stuff, I'm starting to dip me feet in the "how to make money from this" side of things and I hope y'all will bear with me as I work out the kinks. I promise to only share products and/or businesses that I have direct experience with and hope to always do so with a genuine personal twist.

So on to what has been going on with us lately...

Ethan is in the last 9 weeks of kindergarten. I mean, really? How did that happen so fast? He has completely blown us away this year with his love of school and learning. Oh how I wish it stays that way. He was tested a few months ago for the Talented and Gifted program and we will find out how he did next week. With his abstract thinking and creative drive, I don't think anyone can argue the kid is both talented AND gifted but whether he needs the extra challenge at school is yet to be determined.

He has also been represented by a local talent agency for the past year and has gone on an increasing amount of auditions lately. I promise you I am not trying to live vicariously through my child in this regard. He  asked me how he could "be on tv like those kids on Good Luck Charlie". And come on, he was born to perform. Even if nothing ever pans out, the skills he is learning by composing himself enough to talk to a roomful of adults in front of a camera will serve him well. That takes guts. Could you do it?

Aiden - oh my sweet Aiden - where have you gone??? I do believe that the ONLY area this little spitfire is delayed in has been the arrival of the terrible twos. He was never terrible at two. But at 5...he shall I put this nicely? A HANDFUL. And a half. The stomping of the feet. The talking back. The use of mean language (words like hate and stupid are a regular part of his vocabulary). This boy tests me day in and day out. With big brother Ethan at school every day I do believe some of this behavior stems from boredom. So I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm counting down the days until both boys are in school and on the same schedule.

Medically, things have been pretty quiet. Ever since last summer's cranial vault, we have just been keeping regular check-ups and dealing with normal little boy stuff (like a broken clavicle a few months back). Nothing is on our radar surgically and I hope we can keep it that way. The time off has been a blessing.

As for Hudson, he is growing like a weed. He started sitting up at 7 months and is "army" crawling now at 8 months. This baby was born to smile. All you have to do is look at him and he wiggles and squirms in delight. He says "mama" and sometimes we catch a "dada". He loves being outside and in water (bathtime and swimming lessons are his favorite thing to do!) And so far, I've managed to take as many pictures as the other boys (thank you iPhone) and keep up with his baby calendar recording his milestones. Who says the 3rd kid always gets the shaft?

Other "stuff" that has been keeping me busy that I hope to write about in more detail soon:
- I lost a ton of videos and pictures when my old laptop bit the dust...
- a passion of mine is coming to life...can't wait to spill the beans!
- my engagement ring was stolen...oh this story just gets more unbelievable every day
- Aiden is officially registered for Kinder {I'm both excited and anxious about this}
- Hudson's "bump" update
- my summer plans...does anyone want to come pack for me??? {I mean how exactly does one go about packing for 4 people for a 6-week trip?}

And since I haven't been too good about writing about it all here, be sure to keep up with all the everyday stuff on Instagram and Facebook :)


  1. Hoping that 6 week trip means I get to meet Hudson and see the big boys!!

  2. Absolutely! Looking forward to seeing Lilah and Brian too!

  3. Absolutely! Looking forward to seeing Lilah and Brian too!