The long and short of it...

My hair that is.

I am notorious for saying I want to grow my hair out long, then I get about half-way there and decide it's taking too long so I cut it short. And as soon as I do, I am on a mission to grow my hair back out. I can never make up my mind. 

This is where you come in. Help me figure out what to do with my hair! Here are some pics at every stage:

While I may not know which hair length looks best on me, looking at these pictures does tell me a few things...

1. I love being a blonde. I will always be a blonde from here on out. Gray is so much easier to cover when you are blonde. :)

2. Of the four photos, I'm definitely heaviest in the "Medium-long hair" pic. Don't let that sway your decision on which length looks best.

3. I tilt my head EXACTLY the same way in almost every picture I take. I really need to learn how to mix it up a bit.

4. Speaking of mixing it bangs are also almost EXACTLY the same in these pics. While I've done the no bangs thing a few times, I'm convinced it's not a good look for me. Feel free to weigh in.

5. I miss Hawaii. Aside from our honeymoon {click for pics}, this was one of the BEST vacations we've ever taken. I spent about an hour reliving said vacation through pictures {click for pics}. Note to newlyweds: go on vacations as often as possible before you have kids because even though you say you will, once they come along, you won't.

If looking at those honeymoon and Hawaii pictures
doesn't reinforce my desire to lose this last 20 pounds,
I don't know what will!

Anyway - at this moment, my hair is somewhere in between the medium-short and the medium-long lengths. Which might explain why I'm suddenly torn on what to do.

Sooooo...Should I keep growing it long OR should I chop it off???


  1. I like the shorter cut but I am in love with the shorter haircuts right now. I cut 9 inches of my hair off a few months ago and love it, though my hair is much shorter than you have pictured. And I do the same thing when it comes to my hair, (cut it or don't cut it, color it red or go with another color, let it grow or keep it how it is). Good luck deciding!

    1. Thanks Kara! I've been leaning towards short as well. Only thing holding me back is the fact that long hair is easier when it comes to pulling it up in a ponytail. Which I do often...probably too often!

  2. I like the short also but I think I like the medium-short best...and I am not usually a fan of bangs but I love yours and think they are perfect - so as far as you mentioning that you haven't changed them...why fix what isn't broken? :)

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