Hudson's birth story: Part Two

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On Monday, July 9th, my mom, sister and two nieces pulled into our driveway. I was a day shy of 35 weeks and feeling miserable. Still technically on bed rest, I was relieved to have them here to help around the house and keep the boys entertained (who were quite miserable themselves from boredom). 

The following day I had my 35 week appointment. It was the first visit where my doctor was going to check my cervix to see if all the contracting had caused any change. Sure enough, I was about a centimeter dilated and 50-60% effaced (thinned out). Honestly I was a bit disappointed as I kind of expected (and hoped for) more. Even though I was still early, I was seriously at a point that I thought this baby was going to just drop out if we went over a bump in the car. He was so low and I was so very uncomfortable.

Then, I began to worry about how long my mom and sister were going to be able to stay. What if they came all the way down here and I ended up going the full 40 weeks? I certainly couldn't expect them to stay for 5 weeks! If ever there are moments where you want a crystal ball to show you how the future is going to play out, the last few weeks of pregnancy is definitely one of them.

I spent the next few days staying off my feet (for the most part) as I just felt like if I could make it to 36 weeks, Hudson would be that much more healthy. Not to mention that my doctor told me at my 35 week appointment that he was going to be out of town for 5 days that week. I seriously thought with my luck, that is when I would go into labor. In fact, the night before he was leaving I started having regular contractions every 5-6  minutes. I dragged my sister with me to the hospital but was quickly sent home after a check of my cervix revealed no change.

I made it through the weekend, and had decided that as the 36 week mark approached, I just wanted to get this show on the road. So we walked. A lot. We walked for hours at the outlet mall. Went for walks around the block. I bought an exercise ball to sit/bounce on at home while watching TV. It was obvious this baby wanted to come early so I was ready to help nature take its course.  Even my doctor said that if I were to go into active labor they would not try to stop it at this point.

The night before my 36 week appointment, I woke up at midnight with horribly painful contractions. Even though I had left the hospital last time saying I wasn't coming back until my water broke, I woke my husband up after counting them for over 2 hours. 

"Is it time?" he nervously asked, still half asleep.

"I don't know...maybe," I said. 

That's the thing about childbirth. Even when you've been through it multiple times and you'd think you would know when "it's time" don't. It's confusing and anxiety inducing every single time.

We woke my mom to let her know we were heading in. We brought my pre-packed hospital bag. I was shaky and nervous and had a "feeling". After a while I did think this was it.

Once at the hospital, they checked me again and I had progressed a bit to 2cm. Still not enough to indicate I was in labor. They monitored me for an hour, then checked me again. No change. I was going home. UGH!!!

I was told to go to my scheduled appointment that morning at 9:30 and if there was any change, I'd most likely be seeing them soon.

Sure enough, my doctor said I was 4cm and 60-70% effaced. I was told to head directly to the hospital. That most likely, I would have my baby in my arms that day. Wow! I was beyond excited.

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