33 weeks and growing

The last few weeks of this pregnancy have been somewhat crazy. I was hoping to make it through this one without all the trips back and forth to the hospital but my body just doesn't want to cooperate.

It started with the trip to L&D at 29 weeks. My contractions were 3-4 minutes apart for a few hours, but luckily were knocked out with a couple bags of IV fluid.

Two weeks later I was monitored again (after my Office Max trip) with contractions every 15 minutes or so. More IV fluids and some testing, then I was sent on my way.

Then this past Sunday I woke up at 4am with some pretty painful contractions coming every 10 minutes. I counted them for over an hour then quietly whispered to Ricky that I was going to drive myself up to the hospital just to be safe. When I got there, they were 8 minutes apart. So...more fluids.

My doctor has not wanted to check for any cervical dilation since it's still a bit early and doing so can actually cause things to happen, but because of my history and the fact that my body just "likes to contract", he went ahead and ordered steroid shots. I received one on Sunday and went back for the 2nd on Monday. These shots help develop and protect the baby's lungs should he decide to make an early debut.

The good news is I had my last appointment with my high-risk doctor yesterday and all looks great. Baby is just over 4 lbs., head down and fluid levels look good. We didn't get many good ultrasound pictures because he is so squished up in there!

I will continue to get my weekly progesterone shots until 36 weeks. Hoping I make it that far! Although I am also hoping Hudson comes prior to 39 weeks before my OB goes on vacation...

Either way - I'm in the final stretch and soooo looking forward to the big day...whenever it may be!


  1. so um...why didn't i know about the most recent trip!!! I want a July 28th baby. Hold tight Mama, literally!!!
    Miss you!

  2. First your hair looks great in the latest photo. Hang in there. The end is near.