Let's call this one "I don't get out much anymore."

First of all I want to send a huge congratulations to our friends Mark and Jennifer who tied the knot last weekend.

We also want to thank them for planning it the weekend before Thanksgiving so as to provide an excuse to drive up from Texas a little early and hang out with friends we haven't seen since we moved. It was like a reunion and we had so much fun!

Next, I want to share with you how attending a wedding goes for a married mother of 2 small children...with pictures no less!

I've always LOVED to get dressed up. I loved homecoming, prom and all those other cliche reasons for snagging a "free" makeover at the nearest department store makeup counter. As an adult, weddings are pretty much the only reason I put on a dress anymore.

And makeup.

So I'm guessing my husband appreciates each opportunity to witness friends getting hitched.

Friends, I'm going to be honest...even though we so enjoy being a part of your special day, please know that when I'm not getting teary eyed at the thought of my boys growing up and walking down the aisle, I'm probably counting down the minutes until I can make a bee-line to the bar and shake it on the dance floor.

Because your night is so about us having a night out sans the kiddos. The evidence can be found with a quick scan of my Cyber-Shot the next morning.

The night starts out like this...
We're all 'ooohhh look at us all dressed up nice...we look soooo good'

Then, when the wedding is said and done and the lights come on at the reception, we continue the night out with friends at a local bar. It starts to go down hill from there...
A few drinks and...this is my 'I'm tipsy' face. 

A half normal photo op with the bride and groom (yes, they came to the bar afterwards!)

And then...'Oooohh baby let's get a kissy face shot. Because we're married.
And we love each other soooo much. And we're totally cool like that.'

By the end of the night...my hair ends up in a pony tail and I'm a hot (not-so-hot) mess
taking pictures with all of Ricky's friends.

I must have said "I'm a mom you know" about a trillion times that night - partly to remind my friends that I can still be cool and have a good time...but mostly as a reminder to myself to tone it down and not do anything a mom would be embarrassed about doing :)

The night ended with a late night cab ride to a burger joint (just like the good old days) only now I was glad I still had my Spanx on. I was counting down the minutes until I could climb out of those bad boys into my usual, more comfortable attire...sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Nothing like a night on the town to make a mom feel old!

How often do you and yours get a night out?

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  1. you didn't get a burrito as big as your head? ahhhh...those nights are few and far between but they're awesome. although, i actually pray my camera doesn't come out because then there is "evidence". I mean, I still like to have my fun...I just like to go to bed at 9pm while doing so! BTW, you look HOT Mama!