I get a "kick" out of youth sports

I never pictured myself as the type of mom who would sport one of those god-awful photo buttons pinned to my chest with my child in their athletic uniform. And I don't drive a mini-van with the vinyl window decals of a soccer ball/t-ball/basketball and my kids' names underneath.

Then again, my kids are only 3 and 4...so I guess only time will tell.

We signed the boys up for soccer through an organization called i9 Sports. I did not think Aiden would want to participate if he wasn't on Ethan's team so we politely requested they be teammates. They politely obliged, then suckered Ricky into being head coach. Ha. They got us! (Ricky has never played a day of soccer in his life. Football, yup. Basketball, absolutely. Soccer, notsomuch). But hey, how hard could it be? And then he received his 15 page "coaches manual" and dial-in instructions for the "coaches meeting". Are you kidding me?

It turns out that all coaches are asked to complete the conference call - no matter what age group - so while it was intended more for the 8+ groups, the pre-K coaches were required to as well.

The boys LOVE it and so do I. To see Aiden out there running his little heart out and Ethan really developing his soccer skills and understanding of the game - I am one proud video camera sporting, captains chair toting, water bottle chilling momma.

Now if I could just figure out how to USE the video camera properly, then maybe next time I'll record the actual goal instead of Ethan just running towards it! I was too excited!!!

Where do you get those vinyl decal thingy's anyway? Just wondering...

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