Snow in Texas...this time it was real!

So much for fleeing cold and blustery Indiana for warmer climates. Guess we should have considered Florida.
Even though I could do without seeing a single snow-flake ever again, there was some good that came of the recent "snow storm" reaching Austin, TX.

Like the fact that the $40 snow boots my mom bought for Ethan last winter (before we had decided to move to Texas) were actually able to get some use. Twice!

Also, we were able to wow the neighborhood with our super-cool sled while others were improvising with cardboard boxes and trash can lids. (Good call Ricky on bringing it with us in the move just in case!)

And I got to see Ethan make snow angels again and the bright rosiness of the boys cheeks peeking out from their winter gear.

Finally - we played outside with the neighbors, which meant we were able to capture a family photo of the four of us that didn't involve strategically balancing the camera, setting the timer, and running into frame (which almost never turns out)!

Okay, I've found the positives in the cold weather and snow here in Texas. Now please, please warm back up! We are getting a serious case of cabin-fever here in this house and I can feel my sanity slowly slipping away :)

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