Mind Maintenance

I know I'm neglecting my little writing spot.

I know because I hear it every day from my faithful blog readers (i.e. my mom, my sister...yep, that's about it, my mom and sister)..."Why haven't you..." "You really need to..."

I know, I know.

I have about a million things swirling around in my head as potential blog posts. And it's a strange thing because it's for that very reason that I've put it off. I need to sort through the clutter (both in my mind and my house) to develop a plan.

My intentions for this year were to accomplish many things, and while it is only mid-January, the tasks that I have looming ahead of me seem to negatively impact my motivation to JUST GET STARTED ON THEM ALREADY!!!

So please excuse my brief absence while I do a little "mind maintenance", if you will. I promise to make every effort to put blogging back at the top of my priority list.


  1. :) I may be silent, but checking often. :) Take all the time you need, dear! Best wishes!