You've Got A Friend in Me

Lately Ethan has be OBSESSED with Toy Story. He knows every character by name from Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. He's watched it so many times that he says the words to the entire movie right along with it. In fact, he loves the movie so much that he could sing the song "You've Got a Friend in Me" in his sleep. Wait...he actually DOES sing it in his sleep. It's really kinda creepy when your 3 year old who has abandoned his own bed at 3am to sneak in bed next to you in yours begins singing while he is SOUND ASLEEP.

While recording him singing in his sleep may be the most successful option to catch it on tape (because it's literally the only time he is still) - I think taping him while he sleeps might be even creepier. So today, I bribed. I asked Ethan to sit on the steps very still and sing for the camera. And if he did, I'd let him stay up a little later tonight. It worked. (Well, Ethan stayed relatively still...Aiden on the other hand did not.)

So now, ladies and gentleman, prepare to be serenaded by my handsome, hot-shot, "next big thing" 3 year old...Ethan Anthony Skees!

PS - don't forget to scroll all the way down the blog to "pause" the music on my playlist so that you can hear the video!

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  1. Oh that makes me smile every time! So adorable- and Aiden's big grin at the back of it- Ethan wants to stay cross, but simply can't, I love it! Beautiful.