Keepin' Busy

We've been so very busy the past few weeks that I've totally neglected my blogging. Then, it gets a little overwhelming when I think about writing because I know that I have sooo much to talk about to get everyone up to speed.

So...this is the perfect time to do a short but sweet "list" post as a transition back into my regular posting.

What have the Skees' been up to this summer?
  • Aiden and I flew to Boston, MA along with my mom, sister and aunt Cakie at the end of June for the Children's Craniofacial Association Annual Family Retreat. It was a great experience and we met many of the family's that I have up to this point only talked to through email or heard of in the quarterly CCA newsletters. We were also able to explore Boston a little bit - including a trip to Harvard's campus and Harvard Square, the Boston Aquarium, the infamous Cheers bar (the show's inspiration), Paul Revere's house, and Faneuil Hall Marketplace.
  • After having the return trip from HELL (delayed flights, bad weather, exploding diapers, more delayed flights...) we got ready for a 4th of July trip to my parents house for the annual Edgewood parade/block party. We then headed to King's Island with the boys and later, my brother outdid himself with an unbelievable fireworks display in his neighborhood. Ethan LOVED it. And to my surprise Aiden didn't freak out like he did last year. Although he only lasted through half of it before taking cover inside with Nana.
  • We've also been swimming a lot to stay cool. Aiden has totally become a fish and loves every minute of splashing in whatever pool I put him in. Many of you might remember how I paid for swimming lessons with him a few months ago and he screamed and cried through the entire class. Yeah, we quit after the 3rd one. But now, not sure how or why, he loves it. I guess he just had to prove he likes to do things in his own time...when he's ready.
  • Ethan got his haircut!!! I'm not talking a trim. I'm talking bustin' out the trimmers and all of his fine, long baby hair hitting the floor while I stood there bawling like an infant. At first he didn't like it. But now that he gets to use his daddy's hair gel to spike up the front a little, he thinks he's pretty cool. Who am I kidding, that kid always thought he was pretty cool. (I'm a bad mommy, don't have a picture. I was too busy crying to take any).
  • When we are inside escaping the sweltering heat of the summer, we're playing with toys and watching movies. We took Ethan to see his first movie at the theater, Toy Story 3 in 3D, and he absolutely loved it. So Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have been on repeat in our household and Ethan is completely obsessed. He knows every character, can do their voices, and has memorized every word of "You've Got a Friend in Me". I captured the whole thing on my cell phone, so now I just need to figure out how to upload it to my computer and I promise I will share it with you because it is by far the cutest thing you'll ever hear (well, it's the cutest thing I've ever heard anyway).
  • Being inside so much is definitely making it a bit harder to keep up with the cleaning for the numerous house showings we have since our house is STILL on the market. Ugh.
Anyway - I hope everyone's summers are going well. I'm getting really excited to share with everyone all of the cool things I've got in store for Little Fire Big Heart...but that'll be another post. :)

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