My Preschool Grad

Our first experience with preschool started out a little bumpy - I think it was just as big of an adjustment for me as it was for Ethan. But this year has turned out to be one of the best things for both of us. Ethan has grown so much. It is clear to me now that starting him in preschool this year, although he was only 2 and a half, was definitely a great decision.

We got through the first couple of weeks tears and all. And eventually he would wake up asking if it was "preschool day". He started to hang his own backpack and run off to start the day rather than clinging to me for dear life. Everyone said it would happen - but I guess I just assumed it might take a little longer than 2 weeks. I was both relieved and sad that he was quickly becoming more independent right before my eyes.

His teachers fell in love with him - I mean really, how can you not :) - which also made it easier for me to leave him each Tuesday and Thursday.

The way he started out, I wasn't so sure he was ready because of all his "hot-spots" for not listening or throwing or some other very age appropriate but not classroom appropriate behavior. I actually asked his teacher, Ms. Kathleen, one morning if I should pull him out of class. She gave me some great advice - she said "He is two, of course he will do those things, but leaving him in a structured class environment may actually help him learn". And she was right.

Ethan has matured so much throughout the school year. He listens better, he spends more time doing creative things like coloring and singing, he plays so much better with a group of kids. I really think this has been a positive experience.

Although I don't want him to grow up too fast! Seeing him graduate today made me tear up for a minute. I would like to imagine that I wasn't the only mom there who was envisioning his years flying by like flipping through a photo book...preschool, then kindergarten, then high school graduation. I wish somehow I could preserve the Ethan I know now - Ethan at 3 years old. The way his hands smell like crayons and his cheeks are still so kissable with the last few ounces of baby fat.

But then again, I'm so excited to know Ethan in the future. He's one spectacular kid and I am so very proud of him. There are big things in store for him - I just know it!

Ms. Kathleen and Ms. Jennifer deserve a lot of credit for putting their hearts into teaching our often crazy, very tempermental children. They are brave souls taking on a classroom full of 2 and 3 years olds! And getting them to learn in the process is quite an accomplishment! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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