Rolling with the punches

If you're wondering where I've been lately...well, where should I start???

My last post was about Aiden turning two. Since then I've:

- celebrated Ethan turning 3
- had a joint birthday party at the "kingdom of chaos and germs" better known as Chuck E. Cheese's
- welcomed our friends April and Tate to our house for their visit from Dallas, TX
- ran my first 5k
- barhopped and rode "the bull" for the first time since college
- spent 2 nights at the hospital with Aiden for pneumonia
- filled 3 prescriptions
- got home with Aiden and 45 minutes later found myself at the doctor with Ethan after he covered the kitchen floor with vomit (ear infection and strep throat)
- filled another 2 prescriptions
- oh yeah, and made a huge life-changing decision that I am not yet at liberty to discuss...

Hmmm...both kids sick within 4 days of our visit to Chuck E. Cheese...coincidence much?

Anyway - I will post more about each of these fantabulous events once I dig out from the mounds of post-hospital-visit laundry.

In the meantime, please know how much everyone's thoughts and prayers during the past few days have meant. Both kids are back to "normal" - if they were ever normal in the first place is up for debate ;) But for them that means stealing toys from one another, dumping out the contents of my purse when left within reach, whining and crying every 30 seconds for no apparent reason and smearing play-doh in the ridges of a door jamb.

Jealous much? :)

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  1. Love it- I know just the feeling! Particularly the post hospital laundry. You certainly didn't need strep throat and ear infection after all that! Poor boys and parents!

    Very intrigued about your life changing decision!!!