The Very Same Waves

Two years ago, my parents decided to splurge and rent a condo on Clearwater Beach in Florida for the month of February. My sister and I were both pregnant - she was due in January and I was due in March. Avery came when expected - January 11. Aiden, on the other hand, came a bit early and with his surprise diagnosis of Apert Syndrome, caused quite a stir in our family. Especially since my mom and dad wanted desperately to be there for me to comfort us during this difficult time. They thought their February trip was well-planned around our due dates. Unfortunately, mother nature had a different plan and unfortunately they were not able to be there to hold my hand and cry with me. Instead, they heard the news with a phone call on February 11, with waves crashing in the background. They raced to book a flight to Louisville to be with us.

Last year, my parents didn't make the trip to Florida. They didn't want to miss Avery and Aiden's 1st birthdays. But this year - with no pregnancies and no ultra-important dates to keep them from going - they decided to rent again, this time for 2 months. They invited us to come down with our family. Of course, we jumped at the chance.

They rented the exact same unit in the exact same building where they stayed 2 years ago. As we touched down in Tampa and drove to the condo, I couldn't help but begin thinking about the night we called to let them know of Aiden's arrival. After we threw open the door, after we were greeted by my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, and their two girls, and after we ran down to the beach to feel the sand in our toes - after all of those moments settled, I looked around the beautiful condo and felt a wave of emotion.

I wanted to know where my parents were standing when they got the news. I had to picture it. Live it. Again. I wanted to know what room they went to to cry. Out on the balcony to let the waves drown out their thoughts and fears? In the salmon colored bedroom swallowed up in the down comforter? It was strange being there. They said they felt the same resurgence of emotion as they walked in the first day. But then, we caught a glimpse of Aiden, almost 2, tearing through the place like any 2 year old would. Touching the wooden fish decorations under the glass top coffee table. Running from end to end of the balcony.

And we realized...The same waves from the same ocean rolled in just as they did 2 years ago - yet, this time, the fears that crashed into the shore that night with every wave have now subsided. Instead we were able to relish the moment in amazement and wonder at how well Aiden is doing today.

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  1. I love this post, Taryn. What a wonderful way to heal and reflect. You are blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive, close family :)