Nothing runs like a Deere

A few weeks ago we went to a pizza party at The Wolff's house. It was so nice to spend some time hanging out with old highschool friends and everyone's families (the group gets larger by the minute!)

One of the highlights of Ethan's time there was riding around their front yard in one of those battery-operated car thingys. He had no fear and tore around the yard without regard for small trees, bushes or flowers (sorry Heather and Nate!) I think he about scared the wits out of Katie and Brad's son Blake. Their faces were priceless.

We decided to see if we could find something similar to get for Ethan. Ricky looked on Craigslist and sure enough, he found a John Deere one for an unbeatable price. He had to drive all the way to Oldham Co. to pick it up but the unveiling of it yesterday made the cost and the drive well worth it. (Although I think Ricky was more excited to give it to him than Ethan was to get it!)

Both Ethan and Aiden had an absolute BLAST riding around the yard. At first I stayed close to Aiden's side, who immediately grabbed the handlebar in front of him anxious for the ride. With no seatbelts - and no predictability in Ethan's driving skills - I wanted to be sure that 1. Aiden wasn't scared to death and 2. Aiden didn't fall out at any point.

But he flashed me a look like
"Get away mom, I'm fine"
(seriously? he's not even two!) so I retreated a little and let them ride off into the sunset (sniffle. sniffle.) My boys are growing up...

And guess what - they were both fine. Aiden's amazing little hands gripped onto that bar as the two of them bounced around and laughed wildly. He didn't fall out.

It was so much fun watching my two boys play together. Now we'll just need to help Ethan with the whole steering thing. Almost a 1 acre wide open front yard and he finds a tree to run into...

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