Summer Fun

Just a couple of days after returning from Dallas, we turned around and headed out the door once again. This time, we loaded into my parent's van and drove to our family house in Michigan. The 5 hour drive with my mom, dad, both boys and my niece Lilly was not too relaxing - but was well worth it once we got to the fresh Michigan air. Despite temperatures in the 60's!!!! and not a ray of sunshine most of the week, we all still had a great time.

Ethan absolutely loves to play outside - especially at "Poppy's House" where he can dig in the great big sand pile, go for tractor rides, play ball in the field and swim in the pool (which we finally got to do the second to last day we were there once the weather cooperated). He wore himself out playing with his cousins Katie, Brendan and Sean. So much so that he would fall asleep in the strangest of places! Once at the kitchen counter during dinner - I'm talking food in hand and mouth, head bobbing from left to right asleep. And once at the 4th of July parade - got down on the towel laid out in the street to retrieve some dropped candy and zonked out for a good 2 minutes! I've got pictures from the parade episode to prove it :)

Something we have never done in all of the 28 years that I've been going up to Michigan was go to Chuck E Cheese's. The kids really enjoyed it and heck, we had to get creative when the cool temps and lack of sunshine didn't exactly make it ideal conditions for outdoor activities all day long.

Aiden really loved it this year. Last years trip he ended up getting his first case of bronchiolitis while there and we spent July 4th 2008 at the Holland Michigan Hospital. Not fun. But this year, even with the cooler weather, he held up great! Although we didn't introduce him to the sand or pool yet. Maybe our next trip in August.

Finally - we got back to NKY on Sunday and then my mom and I took the boys to Kings Island on Monday before I finally headed home sweet home with them that afternoon.

Here are some of the pictures...enjoy!

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  1. Geez, I thought we stayed busy but you and your TWO toddlers make me look like a wuss! Great pictures. I have not even finished looking at them yet. That's an awesome sand pile. Aiden's cousins and big brother are definitely great role models to develop toward. Hope you're still sane. LOL :)