On the move

As of Monday, we will have officially listed our house for sale. We've been casually looking at houses around Louisville and more recently in Southern Indiana (where we currently live) and found a house that we really like. More importantly, it is in a neighborhood that we REALLY love.

When we started telling people, most were like "What?!? Didn't you all just move to your house 2.5 years ago?" And yes, we did. It was a whirlwind move then and has kind of been the same situation now. We're a bit nuts for doing this with all that we have going on - but we've learned that life is always busy, so we'd be waiting a long time if we waited for the "right time".

What do we have going on you ask? Well, we hosted a surprise party for my father-in-law on Friday evening, looked at the house we want to buy for a second time first thing Saturday morning, had a birthday dinner at my in-laws Saturday afternoon, wrote the offer and listed our house Saturday evening, and Ricky leaves for a business trip Monday. He'll be gone a couple of days, then I leave for a week for a girls trip to Florida. Finally, April is filled with doctor visits prior to Aiden's next surgery which is scheduled for May 6th in Dallas.

So yes, we are busy.

But if this all works out, it will be soooo worth it! The biggest difference is the fact that we are currently nestled on 2.5 acres, and the new house is in a subdivision with a much smaller lot. My husband grew up on a large lot so he was partial to having the land, whereas I grew up in a subdivision where we rode bikes in the cul-de-sac, ran from house to house, and had tons of kids nearby to play ghost in the graveyard at night until our mom's yelled from the front porch to come inside. I knew that is what I wanted for my kids. And we both agreed that our current house wasn't where we wanted to stay for the rest of our lives. We just didn't know that we'd have the itch to move already.

Please keep your fingers crossed that we can sell our house quickly and that the sellers of the other house accept our offer. The new neighborhood has a clubhouse and pool and as the spring/summer approaches, I'm really looking forward to spending time there and to meeting new families with kids. I think this will be a great move for us!


  1. Good luck with the house stuff. I hope everything goes well. It looks like we'll miss you in Dallas by little more than a week since we've got our first stage of finger separations scheduled for April 21st. Are you planning on going to Myrtle Beach this summer at all? We're thinking of going for the weekend at least since we can get some minimal funding from the state of GA to attend 'conferences' through the Babies can't wait program we're in.

  2. Wow! That is so exciting! Good luck with everything. We are so looking forward to seeing you all in May (and June ;).