Meeting Josie

Our family met the Dowd family for dinner last night. The Dowd's are from Detroit, MI and travel to Louisville for their daughter Josie's hand surgeries. Like Aiden, Josie, 3, was also born with Apert Syndrome. We "met" the Dowd's through participating in an online listserv.

This particular listserv is set up for families and individuals who are affected by craniofacial disorders and has been an invaluable resource for my family. I have been able to submit questions about doctors, surgeries, developmental issues, etc. related to Aperts - and receive honest feedback and positive support. Not to mention meet so many nice families and kiddos!

It was great to finally meet Josie and her parents in person. Josie was shy at first, but soon came around and even smiled and posed for some pictures with us! She loved Aiden, and rocked him in his seat or showed him toys to play with. He thoroughly enjoyed it!

We hope that Josie's surgery went well today and that she has a speedy recovery - please keep the Dowd family in your thoughts.

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  1. Wow! I can't wait to meet some of you! Everytime I hear some of you met up I get a little envious! Josie is a cutie!! Glad you all got to meet with your cyber family!
    Pryaers and hugs to you.

    Michelle Weeks
    Ian (grandson) 1 month old with Aperts