Three stitches

I can't say that I'm surprised - I mean Ethan isn't the most graceful child in the world. I knew it would eventually happen. I just didn't know when.

I was at my parent's house this past weekend in NKY with the boys. We got their 1yr/2yr pictures taken on Sunday which was a good thing because on Monday, Ethan slipped down the single step between their kitchen and family room. I was 5 feet from him, and I heard the sound of head hitting wood. The corner of a piece of furniture to be exact.

At first I thought maybe I was just seeing a dented forehead as he started crying. But when I got close and he turned around, I saw the blood.

Lots of blood.

It filled up a kitchen towel and I screamed for the phone. I called 911.

I knew it was a good sign that he was still screaming and crying. I knew it was a good sign that he wasn't vomiting. But all of that aside, I was still freaking out. I mean I've seen kids hit their head. I saw my niece running full speed, trip and hit the same spot that Ethan did on the edge of a wrought iron chair. I didn't see blood.

The EMTs and a police officer got there within 2 minutes. They didn't seem to think it looked all that bad. But I was still convinced it was. We rode in the ambulance to the local hospital to have it evaluated.

The doctors said he would need stitches, but that he wasn't showing any signs of a concussion. At the advice of my mom and a family friend, we were told to ask for a plastic surgeon since the wound was on his face. However they didn't have one on staff or on call at St. E so they suggested we go to Cincinnati Children's Hospital about 30 minutes away. We had to wait 3 1/2 hours in the waiting room before we were seen, only to find out that they had no plastic surgeon to do the stitches either. They said their suture doctors had a lot of experience and because it wasn't so bad, it would be no problem.

Three stitches, four suckers and two Snoopy bandaids later, he was fine. And he's back to his normal rambunctious self.

It might have been my first ride in an ambulance, but with two boys, I have a feeling it won't be my last!


  1. ah geez! my heart was racing reading your post. glad everyone is ok...hugs to all!

  2. sorry! I feel your pain! We have learned with Connor that head wounds bleed-ALOT! Connor got staples in the top of his head when he was 3. He yelled at the doctors and told them to never hurt him again but was as polite as can be when they offered him a popsicle after the staples. He ate 5 of them before we of each color. :) Glad your little guy is okay though!