A Very Merry Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas on South Skyline Drive,
two boys went night-night in hopes Santa would arrive.

The stockings were rigged up on the mantle with care
as the cheap stocking holders held barely a hair.

As soon as the children were snug in their beds,
we each took a shot (our stay-awake Christmas meds).

With me in my pjs, and Ricky in his too,
there were presents to place...there was so much to do!

When all of the gifts were put under the tree
We both went to bed, at a quarter to three!

Bright and early in the morning (no sleeping in here)
we awoke to the sounds of "MOMMY, DADDY, COME HERE!"

We sprang from our bed to see what was the matter,
Was he hurt? or excited? It was luckily the latter.

As we pulled little Ethan right out of his bed
He clearly had visions of Santa in his head.

Away to the hallway he flew like a flash;
tore open Aiden's door in one hurrried dash.

The moon was still shining when he woke up his brother.
"Morning Aiden - wake up" he said. We smiled at eachother.

When what to his wondering eyes did appear?
"Pwesents! Santa!" He had in fact made it here.

With little restraint, he made his way to the tree.
Followed shortly by Aiden, daddy and me.

More rapid than eagles, the paper it flew.
He'd stare at one gift, then move on to a new.

And Aiden, a bit overwhelmed by it all,
warmed up to the chaos and was having a ball.

Our Christmas was special - the boys were so cute.
But for Ricky and I it was more than the loot.

It was having our family and everyone's health
that mattered much more than the measure of wealth.

We've got tons of pictures - and boy they're a sight!
But for now, I'm too tired to load them...GOODNIGHT!


(Be sure to check the photo link tomorrow - I promise I'll add them soon!)

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