Upcoming appointments and surgery information

Aiden certainly is a high maintenance baby ;) - with all of the appointments we have scheduled over the next few weeks, we're going to be even more busy (if that's possible!) Here's what we have on our plates:

Sleep Study - Tuesday, October 28:
This was recommended by Aiden's pulmonologist and will measure all sorts of things while Aiden sleeps through the night. He will be hooked up to numerous (I'm talking like 30+) little wires from his head down to his feet to monitor brain activity, heart rate, oxygen levels, movement, breathing sounds, apnea episodes, you name it. This information will help us to see the quality of sleep Aiden gets and if anything needs to be done at this point to help promote good sleep.

ABR Hearing Test - Tuesday, November 4:
This is a follow-up exam to see if there has been any changes to his hearing over the last 3 months. We don't anticipate any issues - he seems to hear and respond to us just fine! However he has had 2 ear infections which can sometimes cause hearing loss if they are severe enough and Dr. Fearon (in Dallas) will proactively be putting in tubes during his hand/foot surgery as kids with Aperts tend to be at an increased risk for ear infections.

Swallow Study - Wednesday, November 5:
This will be done by Dr. Morton (pulmonologist) to determine if Aiden has any occurrences of aspiration (fluid entering the lungs) when drinking/eating. He will have to drink a liquid barium substance that can then be watched as it travels down his throat, esophogaus and into the stomach.

Pre-surgery physical - Thursday, November 6:
A full physical is required by Aiden's pediatrician before his surgery in Dallas. Just your run-of-the-mill appointment to make sure he is healthy.

Surgery in Dallas - Tuesday, November 11:
We fly out on Sunday the 9th. Monday will be a full day of pre-operative appointments with the various doctors and surgeons that will see Aiden while we are there. Then his surgery is scheduled for first thing Tuesday. He will spend one night in the PICU at the hospital, then will be discharged to stay an additional night with us at the Ronald McDonald House to ensure there are no complications. If all goes as planned, we will come home on Thursday evening.

So - as you can see we will be very busy for the next few weeks. I truly appreciate everybody's offers to help and if we see an opportunity to take some of you up on it, we will. Keep the prayers coming - we will be needing them!

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