Precious Little Package

I came across this beautiful poem and wanted to share it with you all. Sometimes I read things that capture what I feel or would say if I could find the words. This is one of those things :)

This Precious little package just arrived for us today,
The Lord said to take good care of it and love it everyday.

He said the package is not perfect, it has a few small breaks,
A little love and tenderness is all it really takes.

Most would look at this small package and ask why must I bear this weight?
They would claim the care this package needs and the stress is just too great.

Just nurture it and help it become all that it can be,
Protect it with all of your heart and soon you too will see.

Soon the days will turn to years - Oh how the time will soar,
Despite it's imperfections you will love it more and more.

That Precious little gift that God did give to us that day,
Is sleeping soundly in his bed, We thank God for him each day!

~Author Unknown

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