Ok - so maybe we're still a little young for the library

I spent a few days at my sister's babysitting this week and I must say it was very strange having someone else's kids all day and not my own. Especially since she has two girls and I have two boys. Lilly (3) and Avery (7 months) were so much fun! We went to the mall one day where we had lunch, ran around at the play area, rode the carousel and ended the trip with a cookie. The next day we ventured to the brand new Boone County library. Lilly really enjoyed the childrens area and Avery and I picked out a few books for them to bring home. They were so good!

We had so much fun that I decided to plan a trip to our local library my first day back with the boys. After their morning naps today I got them dressed and loaded into the car to head into downtown New Albany. I spent the car ride talking to Ethan about how we whisper in quiet places. I wasn't too worried about it though because the Boone County library had an entire floor devoted to the childrens area so I figured this one would as well - and if not a floor, at least a closed off area. I was wrong. It did have a cute little stage and a train table which Ethan loved. Unfortunately he has yet to learn how to contain his 17 month old excitement - so he squealed with delight when he saw it and wriggled out of my arms to immediately start to play. We're still working on the whispering thing. I pushed Aiden in his stroller over to the computer with me to look up some books as Ethan played.

A little girl, about 6, joined Ethan and they were playing together. She would pick up a train and Ethan would then decide that's the one he wanted. Oh yeah, we're still working on the sharing thing too. So of course he would scream. When I attempted to remove him from the train table, he took one and lobbed it into the air... Right. At. The. Fishtank. I closed my eyes tightly as it clinked hard against the glass and slowly peeked with one eye, sure I was going to find water gushing from a shattered tank and fish flopping around on the floor. It was still intact. Phew.

I placed the train back on the table, scooped Ethan up with one arm and pushed Aiden with the other. I knew we needed to pick out a few books and get out of there at that point. We headed to the picture books and there was a cute little penned in area for babies and toddlers. Perfect! I dropped Ethan in there to play and turned around to the bookshelves. In a matter of seconds, he had thrown EVERY SINGLE TOY out of the pen. I got a few looks from other mothers (whose kids were being PERFECTLY QUIET) and decided that whatever books I had in my hand was what we were getting. After working up a sweat bending over 800 times to throw the toys back into the pen, I once again scooped Ethan up and headed to the checkout counter hoping he wouldn't see the train table as we passed it. Not a chance. Of course he saw it and when I told him we were going bye-bye he threw a full blown tantrum. Then Aiden started to cry. I was tempted to put the books down and high tail it out of there, but decided that I wasn't making this entire trip for nothing. So with two screaming kids, I checked out the books ignoring the looks I'm sure I was getting. Not quite how I was hoping that outing would go.

Needless to say, it'll be a while before we go back to the library!

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