I don't care what that panda says...I've still got it!

So I had a little break today. I took the kids to my inlaws around noon because I had a doctors appointment at 12:30. I was then going to Louisville to get a massage (my mother's day gift) and to make a trip to my favorite place...TJ Maxx. I've been rollerblading again so I'm beginning to see a glimpse of my "old" body - one that includes a waist and okay looking legs. Feeling confident, I put on a cute little denim skirt (pre-Aiden-pregnancy attire mind you!) and a simple black shirt and cute turquoise necklace. I had my hair pulled back because I showered last night - as is the case most of the time - after the kids went to bed. But I actually did my makeup (the kids slept long enough to let me do it for once) and I have to admit, I felt...dare I say it...hot.

After dropping the kids off, and going to my appointment, I was sitting at a light when I noticed an open-topped jeep wrangler loaded with a bunch of young guys. I was instantly reminded of the times when I would drive around without a care in the world, hoping to catch the eyes of guys just like these. As I turned left at the light and the jeep passed, I heard a "Woo-hoo". Wait a second...were they hollaring at me? I looked in my rear-view mirror to see if they were turning around or anything. They weren't, but I know I heard it. My confidence soared.

I spent the next few minutes pulling the rearview down to check myself out. 'This mascara does really bring out my eyes' I thought.

As I accelerated over a small bump, my ego was crushed in an instant.

I heard the faintest "Woo-hoo" once again, and realized it was my son's toy Kung-Fu Panda from the happy meal daddy bought him. It was laying on the floor behind my seat. I was quickly reminded that I am not the spring chicken I once was. I am a wife and a mommy - and I wouldn't change it for anything. And besides, according to my husband I am the hottest mommy in the world.


  1. HILARIOUS! And you are hot! So happy you got some time to pamper yourself!

  2. OMG - TOO FUNNY - you made my day with that story! Glad to see you are blogging! I love getting updates sent automatically to my Google reader :)

  3. Hahahaaa very cute! Life giving you a sign that you ARE beautiful - even if it was via Kung Fu Panda. ;) And aren't appreciative hubbies the best? I love mine too.