Aiden is making progress

Aiden is making some great progress! He was moved to the Critical Care Nursery on Wednesday which is a step in the right direction as it means he is not as critical as the babies still in the NICU. He is no longer on oxygen and is doing everything on his own as he is supposed to (eating well, gaining weight, breathing). We were told that he would be coming home on Saturday (tomorrow).

However - he had a breathing episode where he needed some additional help on Wednesday am, which has now pushed his coming home date to Monday at the earliest. They wanted to monitor him for another 5 days - and if he has no more episodes, he will come home with us Monday.

They will be sending an apnea monitor home with us in order to carefully watch his breathing, especially because babies with Aperts tend to have sleep apnea (forgetting to breath when they are sleeping). We are sooo excited he will be coming home soon - but nervous as well, so please continue to pray for little Aiden as we know it has helped us get this far.

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